Books by Purple Unicorn Media

Bubblewood Fantasy Adventure by Bryony Storm Dudley
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-1-910718-27-8
ISBN (Kindle) : 978-1-910718-28-5

A cottage in the woods. Rumours of a witch. And two curious teenage girls, eager to get to the bottom of the mystery.
Vesta-Ora and her adopted sister Eve live at 2b Bubblewood House. They live a typical family life, doing everything that girls of their age do. But the stories about the cottage and its occupant will never go away.
When the time came for the two girls, Vesta and Eve to do a school project which involved doing a detailed analysis on a building of their choice, they decided to do it on the cottage as an excuse to learn the truth and meet the witch. But what they thought was the end of a lifetime of ifs and buts, actually led to a whole new world of possibilities.
Behind the door of the cottage lies a whole other world. But as the girls dig deeper, dark secrets from the past rise up to challenge what had begun to seem a delightful new adventure.

The Angels' Trumpets Poetry by Alexandra The Great
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-1-910718-12-4
ISBN (Kindle) : 978-1-910718-18-6

The body of work in this book is meant to represent the journey of life: from birth where everything seems so fresh and innocent, to the coming of age or otherwise one's prime, where a person adapts the belief that love and danger are the most vital experiences, and that they are impervious to harm, then transitioning into adulthood, where the meaning of life is explored in depth, and it is often discovered that the closer one looks, the less they truly understand about themselves, then comes the golden age, where fate becomes more easily accepted as the person steps aside gradually to make way for the next generation, and finally, the cycle comes full circle with death.

Thamesmead Poetry by Steve McAuliffe
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-1-910718-11-7
ISBN (Kindle) : 978-1-910718-17-9

A recurring theme to be found within his poems is a distinct distrust of the monolithic State and all its attendant media mouthpieces. Yet also there is an unshakeable belief in the enormous power and potential of the individual. Thus a grim South London concrete hell peopled with violent skinhead thugs can transform itself into a kind of stargate - offering transcendent escape. Just as Blake witnessed angels in the trees of Peckham Rye, so does the poet burst through the concrete hell of a brutalist housing estate and encounter Beatrice and Dante in an unexpected visit to the underworld.

The hypocrisy of the media, the banality of life, the treachery and deceit of politicians, all is cut through with the belief in the possibility of transcending, of flying, of awakening. And humour.

What's Not To Love? Poetry by Rose McConahy
ISBN (Paperback) : 9781910718100
ISBN (Kindle) : 9781910718162
ISBN (Epub) : 9781910718155

What's Not To Love? by Rose McConahy is a collection of 60 poems inspired by a journey we have all encountered. Finding our way back from despair tests our human resolve. But there is light, even in our darkest hours, and it is then, love shines the brightest.

Winter Leaves Poetry with photographs by R C Bean
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-1-910718-00-1

Abiding with nature's stipulations, Winter faithfully trails Autumn. Conforming to what has been their obligation since time immemorial, most leaves wither away to the call of Fall. All, except a few. Some which determinedly defy age-old conditioning and hang on, clinging on with all their might to the frosting trees, the loving homes where they were once welcome. With no inkling of awareness about if and when Winter will end at all, they hang on - for whom?

To Bangladesh and Back Travelogue and Journal by Stephen Kellegher
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-1910718070
ISBN (Kindle) : 978-1-910718-09-4
ISBN (Epub) : 978-1-910718-08-7

This book you are about to read is a day to day account of the things I did, the things I ate, but most of all the people I met when I went to Bangladesh for a holiday. It tells of when I was feeling fit as a fiddle to being sick as a dog. Also being brought to the brink of tears through happiness and sadness, to me it was like stepping back in time, none of the modern appliances like washing machines or things like that, the roads and the shops were not very modern either, no shelf stacking order whatsoever, if it fits it goes there, even the people seem to come from the past too.