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Author of Of Depression And Witches

Writing was never my career of choice. The habit of journaling turned into poetry writing in my teen years. Undeniably, I was the longwinded kid, who had a way with words, and a flair for the dramatic. I was also that nerdy kid who read all the time, played with her dolls, and had absolutely no social life outside of those interests. Therefore, it was reading and playing with those dolls that fanned the flames of a very vivid imagination.

In my late teens, I wrote articles for a few community magazines and church bulletins. Consequently, I worked as an editor for a number of others in the Christian community. During that time, I avidly engaged in creating a collection of poetry. However, I had yet to pen a short story or a novel. Turning this hobby of writing into something more wasn't my idea. That is why I was a Liberal Arts major in college. After a few semesters, I finally settled on a degree in English and Secondary Education.

My first novel was handwritten in a spiral notebook. Back then, I was under the impression that using a computer would lessen the intensity of emotion relayed through the use of pen and paper. So, my first few stories were handwritten. Of course, at some point, I joined civilization, and began to use a computer and a laptop. Sadly, I had to transcribe all of my handwritten works to the computer.

And yet, creating stories was something I did just for me. I loved going back and rereading the stories I'd penned. Writing for an audience was the furthest thing from my mind. The thought of others reading my work was tantamount to an invasion of privacy. That is how sacred I considered this gift. However, as a person of faith, God often leads in unforeseen ways. We're often asked to abandon the familiar, and to step out in faith. Hence, that's what God asked of me in respect to my career as a teacher. I had to put that dream on the backburner in order to focus on my writing.

Through the years, I have partnered with my Heavenly Father. Together, we've penned a number of unique stories and experiences. My journey as an author has taken me far away from my profession as an English teacher. However, I now understand that it's those off-the-beaten-track pursuits that has given character and depth to an unparalleled body of work. These works are capable of transforming lives. Writing is no longer just my hobby. It is a God-given ministry that has the potential to impact lives for the better one reader at a time. The power of the pen is a tool given to me by God, for the purpose of reaching the lost for Jesus Christ, and to offer hope to those who know Him as Lord.

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Marjorie Joseph

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